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How it all started (part 1)

Updated: May 7, 2019

I was working as an animator and 3D modeller/graphic artist/visual effects producer in a small studio in Brunswick mill ( I also created paintings. In the same mill at ground floor level was a shop (Days Iron mongers). When the iron mongers closed I was given the opportunity to use the premises on a Saturday to display my artwork at a small fee by the wonderful landlord Andy.

Computer 3D modelling and rendering I made for a client

On day one I asked another artist if he wanted to 'join in' with me and he accepted. I had 14 pieces to display and he offered 5. I sold a painting of Albert Einstein for £30 to a man named Hadrian. The second Saturday the other artist bowed out because he had to be careful where he displayed his work as he was a 'professional artist' and his career depended on displaying in the right places at the right time. I didn't let this deter me. I hand made signs for the window and outside the premises. People came and were interested.

Week after week I continued to open on a Saturday, most of the time selling nothing.

After a short while other artists popped in the gallery who had interest in what I was doing and asked if they could display their work. I was very happy with this and accepted. Then I began to sell their work too.

A short while later a lady came in and asked if I could teach her to draw and I took up the challenge. Then another lady came in and asked if I could teach her to paint, I accepted the challenge.

With GREAT thanks to a minimal rent from the landlord I decided to open 6 days a week and name the gallery 'The Sarturday Gallery' after the one day a week I used to open, while adding 'art' to the name. I also wanted to pay homage to the ironmongers that had operated in the town for almost 90 years (Day's). The gallery name now contained the words Saturday, Art and Day which worked great for me.

Throughout this time I was multitasking with running my business of animation for my clients, so it was quite a struggle, but I was managing...

Sarturday gallery Macclesfield - early days...

Check back soon for part two?

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